KAIGO Presents New Packaging Design

To celebrate the values of the brand, our deep respect for the Arctic environment and its pure waters, KAIGO has developed a new product packaging design. It tells the story of a local Latvian producer meeting the world; a synergy created by the rebirth of old tradition in the form of new technology.

The design language of the packaging is based on studies of Inuit art. It unveils the geographical energy of the keta salmon, grown in the wild and caught in the North Pacific, uniting the ethnographic visual language of its region of origin with our modern interpretation of symbols, allowing for some intervention from the graphics, colours and line patterns used in Latvian folk art. 

The new KAIGO packaging displays two fish – stylised graphic images of keta salmon. The simpler, two-tone high-contrast design is used for pure products with little processing, while the bright and colour-rich design is used for products, which combine a variety of ingredients in addition to keta salmon. A black background and gold accents complement the visual language, both symbolising the highest level of quality and luxury, as well as the power contained in the depths of the ocean. The new packaging also maintains a visual reference to the original design of KAIGO product packaging, which was also black. The new design features a special typeface with a white centre line, symbolically representing the bones of a fish skeleton.