At KAIGO, our mission is to embody the highest quality standards in all our products and activities. Excellent products are made from excellent ingredients. When it comes to the selection of ingredients, KAIGO never compromises on quality – we choose only the best seafood from the unpolluted waters of the Alaskan coast. 

In our 30 years of experience in the food processing industry, we have perfected each step of the production process to ensure that the finished product retains the unique flavour and high nutritional value of wild fish. The company's strict internal standards, scientific development base and careful quality monitoring ensure a high level of product safety. 

The KAIGO brand products are free of artificial preservatives and flavour enhancers, providing customers with the opportunity to purchase top quality all-natural seafood. Building on a combination of historical Latvian fish processing traditions and the use of cutting-edge technology, KAIGO has managed to develop a line of unique and delicious products, which are bound to impress even the most sophisticated customer.