In Latvia, the traditional methods of processing fish include chilling, defrosting of frozen fish, pre-treatment, salting, smoking and canning. Preserving the excellent nutritional value of seafood and creating a high-quality product free of artificial preservatives and flavour enhancers is a true challenge. The people behind the KAIGO brand have years of experience in the industry, working hand in hand with scientists and nutritionists. This has allowed us to combine traditional fish processing methods historically used in Latvia with state-of-the-art innovations, creating a synergy of technologies. Cold smoking, hot smoking, salting, blast-freezing, vacuum packaging, innovative packaging – in each of these areas, a specific approach and invaluable know-how result in longer shelf life, better taste and increased nutritional value of the finished product.

Fishermen along the coast of the Baltic Sea have been using cold-smoking to preserve fish since ancient times. Smoking is a traditional way of processing fish, both to prolong its shelf life and to develop new, intense flavours. Cold-smoking is done at temperatures between 20°C and 40°C. This way, the fish develops a pleasantly moist texture, and the flesh has a tender, almost melting quality.

Hot smoking is technically identical to cold smoking, the only difference being the smoking temperature. Hot smoking requires 80-100°C. The meat of fish prepared in this way is drier, firmer, with a pleasant smoky aroma and a strong flavour.

A method which preserves the high nutritional value of the fish and allows the product to be served without additional preparation is salting. The fish is cured in brine at a temperature of 3-5 °C in special rooms for 24-48 hours. Salted fish has a pleasant taste and smell, as well as a delicate texture. The trick to preparing perfect salted fish is in the correct proportion of the brine.

Another popular way to prepare seafood is canning. KAIGO's product range includes canned fish which is free of artificial preservatives and flavour enhancers. KAIGO canned fish are great both as a part of your everyday meals or served as a festive delicacy. Due to the specific nature of our products, the production processes are continuously sequenced for synchronous flow and precise quality control. The packaging is airtight and does not affect the taste and nutritional value of the product. For the convenience of our customers, each package has a transparent plastic lid which displays the canned product. The packaging is equipped with an Easy Open lid, so that no can opener is needed.