The KAIGO brand

For more than 30 years, we have been part of the global family of food industry professionals and nutritionists. Our goal is to create products of the highest quality to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Knowledge, practice and excellence are the pillars of our value system. 

KAIGO products are made only from natural, wild-caught fish, which are processed according to the fish smoking traditions historically used in Latvia and adapted to the highest European Union standards. Our success formula and added value manifest both globally and locally. KAIGO combines traditional skills of our ancestors with leading technology to produce the freshest and highest-quality seafood in user-friendly packaging with the longest possible shelf life. Our commitment to purity means that all our products are free of artificial preservatives and flavour enhancers.

Ever since the establishment of our brand, KAIGO's team has been made up of industry professionals. Determined to deliver the best quality, we have relied on scientific expertise to help us to gain a deeper understanding of food production and marketing. This is the know-how shaped by years of continuous research, keeping up with innovations and breakthroughs in the food production chain, from raw ingredients to the recipe of the finished product. Driven by our customers’ desire for a natural, healthy and delicious product, the KAIGO team is constantly on the lookout for new ways and opportunities to source and process seafood.