Latvia has a long history as a fishing nation. Fish was a staple food in the daily diets of people living in the coastal villages along the Baltic Sea. Fishing, fish processing and aquaculture are an important economic sector, producing a wide variety of fresh, frozen and processed seafood products.

From the perspective of globalisation and climate change, the companies working to develop their strategy with sustainability in mind and with increasing care for the environment are the winners. At KAIGO, we strive to be the best example of “green thinking” and sustainable development. We have established long-term collaboration with partners who supply high-quality seafood from the unpolluted Arctic waters off the coast of Alaska. In Alaska, seafood is managed in a highly responsible way, using a globally recognised scientific approach, which helps renew fish populations and promotes a healthy ecosystem for future generations. This sustainable approach and respect for the environment results in a superior product for our customers. 

In terms of production technology, it entails a gradual shift towards more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions that would allow us to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of production technology, decrease costs and ultimately the price of our product. These measures include green electricity, which can only be produced in hydroelectric power plants, solar energy, which can also be harnessed in Latvia's climate zone, and other clever, future-oriented solutions.